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The Makeup Guide

It was the light at the end of the tunnel when the government started relaxing services.

People were cheering and looking forward to getting their haircut by professionals (rather than mom having a go:) and many were looking forward to getting back to work and supporting their family again.

Unfortunately, one section of the beauty market was still unable to work; the ‘makeup artists’ and facial beauticians (basically anyone who was in contact with the face - brows, facials etc).

This was obviously very irritating, especially when you see your hair styling friends able to work.

I could see the frustration in all the ‘muas’ (make up artists) and other specialists on Instagram, so close to opening again but still not official. I could feel their pain in their daily posts and some have had to find alternative means to support themselves and their families.

As I write this; all people that offer facial services were told that they could reopen from the 1st August but were then locked down again for another 2 weeks at a moment's notice. This caused so much more grief and uncertainty in the industry and they are all waiting with bated breath to get going again.

This got me thinking about ‘What if I can’t hire a makeup artist? ‘ even if I wanted to because they were all too busy or the worst-case scenario (which I won’t say as I don’t want to put a jinx on it)!

The other option I thought was to inform my clients on the different styles of applying makeup and how they could do it themselves or at the very least give them some information for trying out new styles in case they wanted to refresh their look or try something different for a change in the comfort of their own home.

A Voila’ ‘The Makeup Guide’, specifically created to show you the basics of makeup application from foundation and matching skin tone to different eye looks and makeup for mature skin carefully put together for me by renowned makeup artist ‘Christina Farrell’ who works with my photography mentor Sue Bryce.

This FREE downloadable pdf is available here

Inside it, you will find eye makeup style from light to dark, almond to charcoal and exotic to Hollywood. There are skin preparation tips, foundation application hacks, concealers to powder application. There is advice on brushes to use, diverse skin tone tips, eye shaping styles with step-by-step procedures for perfect results.

Obviously, when you book your full transformation magazine-style photoshoot with me I will be asking all the professional makeup artists and hairstylists to come along and make you look and feel a million dollars (within government guidelines ofc) as there is nothing better than having a professional pamper you.

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