• Philip Brett King

The Box of Delights

One of my favourite parts about being a photographer is seeing the final image edited and displayed. I have many beautiful products for you to choose from to display your photographs.

One product, that is a firm favourite, is the Folio box.

The Folio box holds up to 30 mounted photographs and features a clear acrylic window in which your favourite image can be displayed. The box is covered in a luxurious soft-touch faux leather and for the interior, you can find a plush velvet material to hold all of your images safely.

Designed to stand up, your folio box can be displayed in your home to show off your favourite photograph from our magazine-style photoshoot experience. Don’t worry if you have more than one favourite image, the folio box allows you to swap out your display image to showcase another one of your many styled looks.

Not only do you have up to 30 mounted photographs included in your folio box, but for all of you who wish to use and share your images online with friends and family, you will find a USB will all of your digital photographs included. Access them anytime, anywhere!

What’s so precious about this product is that it truly is a keepsake item and makes for a perfect gift. One client of mine has displayed her folio boxes over the years of her children as they have grown up through their 20’s, 30’s and into their 40’s. It is a great way to capture not only memories but their beauty through the years.

Are you ready for us to capture your beauty in my Shropshire studio?

If so get in touch today at phil@philipkingphotography.co.uk

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