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Perceptions of Aging

A diverse range of women with different ages, hair and skin colour
Age is just a number

There are a lot of people that don’t like having their photo taken because they perceive themselves to be too old or more likely society and the people close to them have filled them with anxiety and diminishing their self worth.

Have you ever heard any of the following phrases?

You can’t wear that

That colour is too young

Is that a grey hair

Aren’t you overqualified for this role?

You’re still so agile!

How’s your health?

You make (XYZ age) look good!

I'm guessing if you have then you may be getting older, but how old is old?

I heard a girl on an Instagram reel post (regurgitated tik tok post) the other day and she said I quote “ it’s not for the older woman , y’know those born in the 90’s “ which if my maths are right (or math if your from the US) that would make you 30 years old.

If they consider someone at 30 being old what do they think an 80 or 90 year old?


I remember when I was 14 yrs old, I probably thought the same because being 30 felt a million years away but as we all know the older we get the quicker we seem to get older. I don’t even remember what happened in the 10 years between 30-40 it was a blur (and that's nothing to do with alcohol)

The thing is my lust for life, my cheekyness, my crazy ideas, my brain still feels the same as it did in 1988 (I would be 18, ahh bless the years of having hair).

Don’t get me wrong, I still have the wisdom and the life skills paid in full since then; so when I hear young people talk about the older generation it’s like they think as we grow old our brains suddenly get filled with old ‘responsible’ stuff and we don’t know how to have fun anymore.

Which is a load of bs!!

I suppose the younger generation ie: ‘Millenials’ (anyone between 1981–1996) have had a load of flack recently for being useless, entitled, slobs from the older generation, but perhaps it's our way of getting back at them lol :)

OK, so we have both young and old people throwing shit at each other!

What I really want to convey in this blog is that,

  • ‘How we react to any derogatory or negative comments (what ever they may be) How we choose to react to comments is entirely up to us’ -

We can be offended ; or you can choose to not give a flying fig about what people say.

There is some confidence needed to allow the insults to bounce off of you like ‘water of a ducks back’ and I would be a liar if I said everyone can achieve that level of not giving an f*** about things. I know many people that take things that people say to heart and are always worrying about what others think of them. I'm not sure how I was able to grow such a thick skin, perhaps it was years of bullying as a chubby kid at school or just some wisdom over the years and realising that I’m cool being me and if anyone is going to point a judgmental finger at me, it's going to be me and everyone else can f** off.

One of my favourite phrases is ‘Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has got one’.

So, the next time someone says something to you that makes you feel old (whether it's unintentional or not) You can look back at them, without any hostility or sarcasm, and ask calmly with genuine puzzlement, “What do you mean?” I guarantee you they won’t make the same comment again.

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