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When you work for a company you usually have a yearly performance review. I remember every year when working for the NHS we would have such a meeting where we could gather all the testimonials from all the colleagues I had worked with and discussed with my manager how we could progress in our role going forward, it was tedious, to say the least.

As a freelancer, my usual performance review is shown in the people who constantly hire me which is a real reflection of one’s yearly performance.

However, as an artist, there is also the need to know if your craft is up to a professional Industry-standard and I am always looking to progress to a higher level of creativity.

To do this I usually put myself through the process of a photographic competition or accreditation.

In 2013 it was the Royal Photographic Society accreditation where I put forward x 15 printed and mounted images in front of a panel of expert photographers. Obviously, it took a lot of time to take and choose the images and lots of investment in the materials but after a suspenseful panel in London, I was finally given a pass and the knowledge that I can have the initials LRPS after my name as a Licentiate.

This year I decided to enter ‘The Portrait Masters Awards’.

The awards are for two areas of the industry, the first section is about becoming an Accredited member to show the world that I produce work of a recognised Professional Industry Standard and the second part is to win either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award to win prizes and appreciation from top Master photographers from around the world.

I also entered because I believe it is healthy to allow Masters of the craft to judge your work rather than clients, friends and family because it takes away any bias or personal opinion.

The judges all judge each image individually using a points-based system covering -

  • Expression

  • Styling

  • Composition

  • Posing

  • Lighting

  • Overall technique

  • Post-production

  • Focus &

  • Storytelling

The awarded points are out of 100 and you only get to win an award if you reach a certain level, there are 70-79 Bronze, 80-89 Silver and 90+ is Gold.

Each award also comes with points and you have to have so many points to get accredited.

I entered because I wanted to get accredited to be able to show future clients they can trust me to be their photographer but also to know that I am on the right path to creating quality images.

I had my fingers crossed to get at least a Bronze award for my work.

So, you can imagine my joy when my images came back after many months during lockdown with Bronze awards across the board. It was such a relief that all that hard work had paid off and it certainly lifted my mood after being in lockdown for so long.

Some of you may be thinking well Bronze is only third, what kind of images archive Silver or Gold status? I have seen the Silver & Gold images and they are wonderful but they are not what the normal everyday family would have on the wall. The Bronze is the level of your Industry-Standard and the Silver/Gold include a lot more styling, storytelling and drama to achieve something truly original. ( See the website for silver gold examples - click here )

If you have a fantastical idea in your mind of how you would like to be photographed then give me a call and we can create a gold standard image you can cherish forever.

Best Wishes

Philip Brett King ~ BA Hons, LRPS, PTLL

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