Who is Phil?



Hi, I'm Phil and I can't wait to take you through the complete transformation of a modern magazine-style photoshoot.

Who am I ? We'll get to that, but for now, let's focus on YOU.

I know you're unsure of being in front of the camera, and you would rather be sitting in a dentist's chair than have your portrait taken.


That's why helping you feel confident and looking gorgeous in front of the camera is my utmost priority.

Together, we will style your hair. We will do your make-up. We will choose your outfits. We’ll chat about how YOU would like to be photographed . . .

and by the time we start taking pictures, you will own them . . . like a boss!

Tell me, when was the last time you were photographed by a professional? 

This is a self portrait of Philip King who owns PhilipKingPhotography.com
Philip King Photography
I specialise in luxury portrait experiences for women, children, families, and business professionals.
My services include professional hair, makeup and clothes styling.
Let me create images that you absolutely fall in love with!