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New Discoveries

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Winter Water Reserve - The Bog, Stiperstones, Shropshire

It is amazing how time flies,

I can't believe it is already April, a quarter of the way into 2015.

I would like to say a lot has happened since my last update but in fact most of the excitement has happened in the last week from getting ready for my next exhibition at the

Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms. The exhibition is on from 2nd April - 18th May


My other project has been a commision for a local restaurant in the Shropshire Theatre Severn,

The Foundry is on level 2 at the theatre and has some really tasty food on offer for everyone and not just those using the theatre ( I recommend the Ham Hock sandwich Mmm nom nom).


Basically, I have collaborated with some great people to come up with a selection of images taken at the British Ironworks in Oswestry. The images are totally different to what I normally do and I must say I did feel like a fish out of water but in the end the push out of my comfort zone has only benefitted my photography mind set and opened my thoughts to new projects. The images will be on show in the restaurant from the 7th April and will be avaialble to purchase (a percentage of the proceeds go to local charities - charity yet tbc)

Some exhibition images






- Digital cameras

- Heads and Tripods


- Medium Format . . . Coming soon

- Large Format


- Lightroom & Photoshop

- Tablets


- Publications . . . Coming soon


- Media . . . Coming soon

~ Joe Cornish - Link gallery,

  Northallerton -  August 2014


~ Gallery3 , The Gateway,

  Shrewsbury, November 2014


~ Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, 

  Shrewsbury -  2nd April 2015


~ Shropshire Hills Arts Week - The  

  Sitting Rooms 30 May-7 June 2015


- Shropshire Photographic Society 

  14th March 2016

You can view and purchase my work from the following galleries:


~ VANetwork Gallery, Shrewsbury


~ Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing